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Lyrics and Music by Carole Walker

Sit back , relax
try and be still
don't force what docent fit
don't try to break it’s will

birds go south for the winter
but they come home for the spring
take this simple lesson from nature
timing is everything

little rain falling down to the earth below
little seed looking up , sure got some room to grow
somewhere in the middle
a flower they are going to bring’
for everything has a season
and timing is

Don't you think i don't know why you run yourself to the ground
you think that nothing good comes easy
I'm not here to steal your fire
or try and run you down
just take a look around
there are moments that are happening
while you are making your plans

sit back, relax
watch the clouds roll by
somethings are just going to happen
no matter how hard you bitch and cry
keep in mind each day is a blessing
and so are the lessons they bring

patience and love grow the garden
but timing , timing ,timing,
is everything

sit back , relax, watch the clouds roll by