The new release is ready" Falling is Fun"

“Falling is Fun” is the second solo release and follow up to Carole’s (2016) release “Bloom”. It will be the second time collaborating with Jared Schneider (aka Jay Sparrow). Who produced and engineered “Bloom”. Mastered by Nadir Omwale The album is a step into a full production /live band sound with Schneider and Walker performing all instrumentation and backing vocals. It is a story dedicated to the “Spark”. 

The album has a storyline of two souls having a “Spark’ and then everything falls apart. The titles and lyrics walk you through the butterflies of a crush with the 1st and 2nd track “Burn” and “We should get Coffee” The 3rd and 4th song Capturing the moment when you realize that your crush is crushing back on you with “Falling is Fun” and “1 year and 1 day” Track five, “Riptide” is a reflective anthem and nod to the deep conversations that can only happen when you bear your soul to another. 

Tracks six and seven, ‘’Six feet” and “Romeo” is drenched in the doubt, frustration and vulnerability that you feel when you have connected and disconnect with someone. “Lately” is a reflective vocal solo  resolution “Bulletproof “ is a reprise of an earlier release Walker wrote with “The Walker Project” but this version with just her vocals and Schneider on the piano is a reminder of strength and the solace one only finds after losing yourself in another…. and then finding yourself. 

I’m sure you know the feeling.


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    The new release is ready" Falling id Fun" [url=][/url]

    The new release is ready" Falling id Fun"

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