Mid point Music Festival—Day 1

Well I’m finally coming down from my Midpoint Music Festival “high”--- had such a great time – 1st (Thursday9/22/)was the singer songwriter Stage at the Midway hosted by Tracy Walker an amazing singer songwriter from the Cincinnati area (no relation). This was the first year the CAC Stage was out in the open (previous years was at Neon’s) and brand new this year was” Midpoint Midway”. The street was closed off (12th street blocked off between Vine and Walnut) and it gave it more of a festival feel--- I loved it, how better to celebrate the last day of summer than with a draft beer, fried food ands good music. The songwriter in the round gives you the opportunity to share your songs and stage with other Mid-point artist. Think of it as an “unplugged” stage but nothings really unplugged. I had my set with Jeff Printy (Bell Ruse) and Mark Utley (Magnolia Mountain). .Beautiful songs were sung and hit all genres in a span of our round. Mark Utley sang a song that just brought me to tears. The classic them of love that just wont go away even though the person has moved on, I think it was called” do you still think of me” (sorry if I have that wrong), all I know is that I begged him to record the song and offered my vocals in any way….I know pretty embarrassing, but it was a beautiful song and my pride is not above me being a part of a beautiful song. After the set I spent a little too much time at the beer booth but I did get a chance to check out Yawn, Josh Eagle and the Harvest City and ended the night catching the Jessica Lea Mayfield set. My favorite part of the night had to be the Josh Eagle Harvest City set, yes that‘s just me loving on the locals and I enjoyed everyone’s set that night. But this put me over the top. During the last song of the night a young man was called to the stage to join the band. I just assumed he was going to sing or do a spoken word piece. When he dedicated the poem to his girl, it was easy to see that he was getting ready to ask the big question. She said “yes”. It can’t get any better that that.

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