Girlz Rhythm N' Rock Camp

In  early  August I had the opportunity to volunteer as a Councilor  or coach for Suzie Simpson’s Girlz Rhythm N' Rock Camp.  The camps mission is simple.To provide a discrimination free, safe space .To build self-confidence & self-esteem To provide positive female role models
To foster creativity To inspire young girls to follow their dreams! To have fun!! I must admit that  I was a little nervous being allowed to hang out with young minds so ready to get into the Rock-n-Roll. Yeah I had my music experience abut I had primarily hung out join bars , coffee housed and on the road and I’m not sure if
that’s the “life coach” these girls were looking for.
I learned so much from this group of girls. Not only did I get to hang out with some amazing young talented musicians but I was able to give back a little and really remember why i started down this road of making music. The week is set up to help team build and develop a band, so the ladies move into groups , work on original songs and perform them at a concert at the end of the week. Being a part of watching this happen is being able to watch lighting strike or a flower bloom, it’s ju
st pretty cool.
After the camp showcase i drove home smiling and thinking that my brother would hav


e just done cartwheels over this camp. I knew that he would be OK with a scholarship in his name. He truly was a musician that feared NO music and to see these young artist move so fearlessly in their development , well it cant help but to make you smile.

Showcase Performance for Parents and Guest

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