Columbus Songwriters Association Artist Spotlight: Carole Walker

Columbus Songwriters Association Artist Spotlight: Carole Walker
Written by:Michelle Holzworth
Posted March 27,2017  Source: Columbus Songwriters Association Facebook Page

Thanks to a hiring freeze in 2014, Carole Walker Luley knew she needed to bail on her well-paying bank job to realize her true calling: making music. 

I just remember, in my insides. When my manager asked me about my next five years. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I gotta go. I’m putting my two weeks in. I can’t deal with another year of this. I didn’t have any plan, I didn’t have any shows booked, I didn’t have anything… I don’t know how, but I’m gonna figure it out.” 

Like many artists do, Carole got an earful from naysayers after she took this leap of faith. She refused to let doubt have the final say. The way she sees it, the good and the bad all wind up playing a part in a broader epiphany. 

“There are things that you can control to make things positive not only in your life,” she mused, "but also in others’ lives, in your overall big picture.” 

As for this songwriter’s big picture, it involves a little bit of everything. She released her album, Bloom, in November 2016. Now she plans to work on incorporating the spoken word more into her next collection of songs. Beyond this, she strives to expand her outreach efforts. 

“I always think that I’m a folk-y songwriter, but I try to think of what my mission is,” said Carole. “Even though my songs might take a path through a little bit of sadness, ultimately they’re about trying to connect to joy, to other people.” 

Her motivation for keeping a greater purpose in mind grew out of a major loss in her life: “My brother, who I played music with, passed away 7 years ago. I’ve been moving forward with a nonprofit in his name, Friends For Chris Walker.” 

Through this nonprofit, Carole has helped give scholarships to Rock & Rhythm camps for girls, provided music books to create a library, and recently donated two guitars as raffle prizes. Not only is she living out her passion for charitable causes, but she is also carrying on her brother’s philanthropic legacy. 

Deep down, Carole has more than just a love of songwriting. She has a love for reaching out to others in need. As she put it, “People lose themselves. It’s hard to watch someone do that, isolate themselves, fall into like these very big sand traps of being negative or being told you have very little value. It’s hard, and I’ve definitely been there…I’d love to be more active in making sure people still feel like they have a voice, the people in marginalized communities and minority artists. I want to be proactive in that right to gather and have songs.” 

You, too, can be proactive and join this talented songwriter in supporting a good cause: Relay For Life! This Thursday, March 30, Carole Walker will perform at Black Brick with fellow CSA member John Leon Jamar Tucker. You can also check out Carole's album, Bloom, on

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