August has 5 Thursdays!

Ok in spite of the fact that I had some major technical difficulties the Live Web Cast has been a blast. So many props to my friends and fans for letting me grow into this process. Yeah the whole five Thursdays took me for a loop but I think I stuck the landing.
I have been venturing out into the world of busking both in the real world and digital. This is when you set up shop on a street corner or park and sing your song..that is it in a nutshell. How is this different from pan handling? Very simple, you can have a sign that would suggest a donation for your art. A Quid pro Quo for all you legal eagles out there. It has been amazing to get out and stand your ground for your art. Every first Saturday of the month Columbus, OH has The Short North gallery Hop. I have been scratching out my busking itch for the past few hops. I am excited for the October hop---I am going to get an electric spot---yeah pretty cool.
You ask about the digital world? I have become a fan of The simplest way to describe it is as a 24/7 Open Mic. You get in the queue, you play your songs and people vote on whether or not you get any more time to play your next tune. Be warned the crowds vary from musicians to high school students, and they dont pull punches. But it can be a blast and for the fans that have liked me from welcome aboard.
Midpoint Music festival is fast approaching and I am so excited that we get to play at Arnold Bar and Grill (210 E. Eighth Street Cincinnati, OH) Friday September 28th at 8:15pm. We kick off the night with a host of major talent from: Cincinnati, OH. Nashville, TN., Ashville, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. This is the line Up for the Night------get all the details for MPMF.COM
12:15 am Woody Pines
11:15 pm Dawn Hiatt
10:15 pm The Vespers
9:15 pm The Crick Gypsies
8:15 pm Carole Walker
Peace- Carole

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