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Even if you've never met Chris Walker, there's a decent chance you have felt him. And I don't mean that crudely. Chris has been a go-to bass player in town for years now, providing the bottom end for a ridiculous amount of bands, so if you go out to hear live music, you might well have been moved by Chris' sublime bass rumble. The differences in the artists he has performed with are a testament to Chris' elastic versatility and, even more so, to his musical abilities. From Rock and Punk groups in high school to Heavy Weather (the popular local group he founded with his sister, Carole) to The Walker Project (also founded with Carole) to his vital supporting roles in bands as different as Hip Hop/Jazz fusionists IsWhat?!, Roots rockers Big Whiskey, Pop/Rock group The Whitney Barricklow Band, bluesers Conrail Saints, R&B band the Derrick Sanders Soul Expression, Jazz Fusion crew The Naked Redheads ...

 Chris Walker passed away July 3, 2010, from serious injuries sustained in a 2007 car accident. He was 42.

Walker’s stellar musical abilities were showcased all over the Cincinnati music scene for the past few decades. His cool, kind nature and those mad bass skills earned him a place in innumerable bands throughout his career and his talent knew no genre boundaries, as he seemed comfortable (if not masterful) playing almost any style of music. Walker held down the bottom end for local bands like Big Whiskey, IsWhat?!, Derrick Sanders Soul Expression and Conrail Saints (to name but a fraction), as well as Heavy Weather and The Walker Project with his sister Carole.

Walker was paralyzed from the waist down and lost motor skills in his hands following the 2007 accident that killed his friend/travel partner Julie Martin. Most in the local music community was stunned and several banded together to form the “Friends for Chris Walker” organization, which put together many benefit concerts for Chris in the years since his accident (Chris got to attend several of the events in person and he also made an appearance at the 2008 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards). Chris’ initial survival of the wreck ensured that he knew how loved he was in the local music scene.

After the accident music community of Cincinnati came out in full force to raise funds to help Chris's rehabilitation. They helped buy purchasing merchendise to sell at benefit shows. We still have a limited amount of the Friends For Chris Walker T-shirts ,black support bracelets and stickers.We will be exchanging them for donations towards the Rock Girlz Camp Scholarship
Donation Amount
1.00-5.00 Sticker or bracelet
6.00-10.00 (both)
11.00 or more (1 T-shirt 1-sticker - 1 bracelet)