Carole Walker


Carole Walker sways back and forth from soulful groove to earthy funk with her powerful warm voice, haunting melodies and moving songs. A veteran performer originally from Cincinnati, OH, now calls Columbus, Oh home.  Carole’s new release “Falling is Fun” takes you on the joyful and bumpy journey of what happens when two souls connect and follows it from “spark” to “ash”. The first track “Burn” will be released with a full music video courtesy of collaboration between the Columbus Songwriters Association (CSA), Columbus Music Commission and Tell Collective. 


Carole has been performing in venues across the Mid-West, at several local and national musical festivals, including being recognized as the 2016 Emerging Artist of the National Women’s Music Festival and as the 2nd Runner-up CSA 2015 Showcase Finale. As a solo performer she has opened for Don McLean, Melissa Ferrick and Judy Collins In addition to performing, she manages the Friends for Chris Walker Music Scholarship, hosts the weekly Open Mic at Sam Ash Music and host the Sam Ash Singer/Songwriter Monthly Spotlight. Her new band “Carole Walker and the Bittertones” is a four-piece soul-moving powerhouse that promises to deliver on all the feels.


Carole’s started playing music with her brother (Chris Walker) the day after she graduated high school. With Chris on bass and Carole singing lead they started the band “Heavy Weather”. “Heavy Weather” successfully played across the mid-west for two decades. The “tribe’ of ‘funky, soul rock and rollers’” self-released 3 albums (“The Difference”, “As my World” and “Live”) to media praise and had become a local fan favorite with their energetic live shows anchored with Chris’s popping bass lines and Carole’s soaring vocals.


Heavy Weather could move musically in a multitude of genres including funk, rock, soul, reggae, and pop. They opened for a number of national acts including Dream Theater, Fishbone, Kid Rock, Merrell Saunders, MMW (Medeski, Martin and Wood), Freekbass, and Sister 7. In 1994, they were selected as the official band for the American Indian Movement Walk for Freedom national tour which began in Florida and ended with a concert on the Washington Monument in Washington DC.


Carole’s songwriting was quickly evolving around her guitar playing and in 2002 when “Heavy Weather “ took a hiatus from performing; Carole formed “The Walker Project.” with her brother Chris on bass. This was Carole’s first creative stretch that would be fueled by her songwriting and showcasing her on guitar.


Carole’s metamorphous was rewarded by winning the “Cammy” for “2002 Best Urban Vocal” from the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The Walker Project” went on to release an EP “Trilogy”, 2003 and full-length album “You can be yourself”, 2005. The two were returning to the studio but a tragedy would bring everything to a halt.


On Friday, Sept. 14th, 2007 Chris was traveling to a show in Indianapolis, Indiana on I-74 with his girlfriend, Julie Ann Martin-Greathouse, when, for undetermined reasons, the tire blew out and he lost control of his car. His car spun out into the median, flipped at least four times, came to rest on its wheels, and caught fire. Several witnesses came to their aid, pulled them from the car, which they were afraid, was going to explode. Chris suffered major injuries including a severe injury to the spine that left him a quadriplegic. Julie Ann Martin-Greathouse passed away at the scene.


On July 3, 2010 Chris Walker passed away from serious injuries sustained in a 2007 car accident. He was 42.


Greif takes many forms but most of all it takes time.


In  20016 that Carole returned to the studio and released her first solo project “Bloom-songs from the garden part I”, A collection of songs inspired by personal growth, loss, acceptance and love. “Music can’t heal everything but it can help you find your way back from the darkest of places” says Walker “these songs were my way stitching myself back together and finding a way to honor my brother and father by keeping our dream moving forward.


Now Carole keeps moving that dream forward everyday with every song and with every show and with every breath.


“I play music from my soul, it’s the only gift I know how to give”

(Earthbound Misfit) Carole Walker-