WeeK of Sept 15 Photo shoot

Off weeks are never weeks off! 

No shows this week so we needed to get some new promo shots and other band business taken care of. For this we enlisted the help of the everyday fabulous Staley Monroe.  

Sept1-7 HOTTIMES Weekend

Sept1-7 HOTTIMES Weekend

The Bittertones are getting ready for Hot Times. This is the last of the summer music festivals so we want to throw in some extra fire, give that gratitude back to the universe for such a wonderful…

Week of Aug 25-31 SAY HELLO TO THE NEW T'S

We have some supper soft T-shirts and more

Special shout out to Miranda (Lady M) who has been working the merch table for all the shows and design the T-shirts and logo. Come swing  by the table at any of…

WeeK of Aug 18-24 CRESTFEST 2019

10th Annual Crestfest Street Party

This is our 2nd year at CrestFest! It is  a small festival in the Clintonville Neighborhood (a few blocks from my house) that gets bigger each year.  

This year is the big 10…

Comfest 2019