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Companion Lyric/Coloring Book

Companion Lyric/Coloring Book

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The new release is ready" Falling is Fun" 

“Falling is Fun” is the second solo release and follow up to Carole’s (2016) release “Bloom”. It will be the second time collaborating with Jared Schneider (aka Jay Sparrow). Who produced and engineered “Bloom”. Mastered by Nadir Omwale The album is a step into a full production /live band sound with Schneider and Walker performing all instrumentation and backing vocals. It is a story dedicated to the “Spark”. 

The album has a storyline of two souls having a “Spark’ and then everything falls apart. The…

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Meet The Bittertones 

It's a Band!

My Solo has been a duet for the past year while working with Jay Schnieder. Jay has been switching back and forth on the bass and drum chair for some of my live shows.  

That all changed during the making of the video "Burn". Alan Mauger (guitar), Travis Long (bass) and Jay Schneider (drums) who performed for the sake of the video decided that it would be cool to bring this to real life.

Carole Walker and Ther Bittertones came to be. These pics are from Comfest 2018 Columbus, Ohio. with many…

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Music Video shoot for #BURN May 18th @ Skully's Music-Diner 

OK, The big day is here.! Be a part of my video! 

We are going to be filming the video for my upcoming single "Burn" 

(This is all happening due to the generous support and gifts from the Columbus Songwriters Association, Tell Communications, Skully's Dinner, GoodyBoy, Fred Astaire Dance Studio Delaware, SoArts Pro, Sam Ash and a few more folks who I'm just forgetting right now but will be named later) 

We are filming a live crowd scene so we need a min of 25 folks to make it happen (yeah we could use a…

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2018 Tint desk Entry: Holy Water #Resist 

2018 Tint desk Entry: Holy Water #Resist

Me and deadlines are not BFF's. But for the 2nd year in a row I was able to get my S##!T together and put a submission for the  NPR.Tiny Desk Contest. So yeah for me.

Holy Water was written back in January of 2017 (pause to think about that) but it was always been more about the bigger picture of cognitive dissonance than the widespread example of it that I see in politics.

I'm a Shakespeare nerd as well so I love the idea of blood…

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Columbus Makes Art Presents Songwriter Carole Walker, a Full-Time Connector of People March by Michelle Holzworth Michelle Holzworth  

A hiring freeze in 2014 made something clear to Carole Walker: her well-paying bank job had put a hold on her calling as a songwriter for far too long. She quit this job with no plan, and has spent the last four years on a journey fueled by her love of creating soulful music to connect people. This Columbus Songwriters Association member has a storied history of taking on big passion projects, honing her guitar skills and performing at various events, including CSA’s monthly showcases. On Thursday, March 1…

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WCBE Presents Music In The Round Fri. Mar. 2@11AM!  

This year's Music In The Round includes Brian Douglas Day, the former frontman from Yellow Light Maybe, and Carly Fratianne of the Band Souther. 

Also appearing this year are singer-songwriters Joey Viola and Carole Walker. 

As in previous years, this Music In The Round will take place at Via Vecchia Winery, located at 485 South Front Street in Columbus. 

Find out more about this event, and listen to several musicians perform as well, live from studio A. 

That's on 90.5 FM and HD WCBE Columbus, 106.3 FM…

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Carole Walker selected forMusic in the Round XIII 

Music in the Round is a unique concert format that originated in Nashville's Bluebird Cafe and grew organically from the traditional jam session. The only rule: the artist must play songs they've written themselves and on the instruments on which they were written. 
Audiences get to hear the artists talk about their songwriting, particularly the stories and emotions surrounding the song's creations. It's a treat for music lovers featuring some of the most talented musicians Columbus, Ohio has to offer!

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We welcome you to our open stage every Wednesday to share your gifts with the Columbus music community. You can perform two songs of your choosing (originals/covers just know that we are a family store so WATCH THE LANGUAGE) 
All levels of talent are represented so no need to hold back!! 
sign up early we do have limited space


Congrats to all. Congrats to Joey Viola, Maya Mougey, and Gina Brooklyn and our runners up Lauren Barnett and JT Hillier. Congrats to Carole Walker, a songwriter who has long deserved an awesome music video. 

I received so much feedback from audiences about literally every single of your performances. The talent on the stage was ridiculously incredible. You should all be so proud of what happened tonight.



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